From IDSM, we express our sincere gratitude to all the hospitals and medical institutions from all over the country who trusted the exceptional quality and professionalism of the products and services offered by us – Acibadem City Clinic UMHAT Tokuda – Sofia, UMHAT “Sveta Marina” – Varna, UMHAT “Sveti Georgi” – Plovdiv, UMHATEM “N.I. Pirogov” – Sofia, UMHAT “Sveta Ekaterina” – Sofia, UMHAT “Sveti Ivan Rilski” – Sofia, MHAT “Doverie” – Sofia, MRHAT/DCC “Dr. Stefan Cherkezov” – Veliko Tarnovo, MHAT “Sveta Sofia” – Sofia, MHAT for Women’s Health Nadezhda – Sofia, UMHAT “Eurohospital” – Plovdiv, MHAT “Heart and Brain” – Burgas, DCC “Avis Medica” – Pleven, MHAT “Trakia” – Stara Zagora, DCC -1 “Veliko Tarnovo”, USBALOG “Selena” – Plovdiv, DCC2 – Pleven, SBATOD – Sofia region, SBATOD “Dr. Marko Markov” – Varna, MHAT “Dr. A. Peshev” – Teteven, MHAT “Sveti Ivan Rilski” – Dupnitsa, DCC 1 – Vratsa, MHAT – Levski, DCC 1 – Pazardzhik, MDL- 3V Roentgen – Sofia, IMDIL “Dr. Hristo Kutsarov” – Varna, MHAT /DCC St. Pantaleimon –  Pleven and many others.

As an official distributor of Konica Minolta Healthcare, we are honored to be your imaging partner of choice. Our steadfast goal has always been to seamlessly combine excellence in imaging with the highest standards of professionalism and fair treatment. We are proud of our commitment to accuracy and expediency in the delivery of services reflected in our quality policy.

As we express our gratitude, we also look forward to continuing to develop and deepen our good joint cooperation.

Thank you for choosing Konica Minolta Healthcare and IDSM!