AeroDR NS 1417

By combining a detector with good specifications and an all-in-one console, it supports simple and easy introduction of a DR system.

CsI scintillator, 150 µm resolution

AeroDR NS1417 is an entry model, but provides high image quality by adopting the CsI scintillator and supporting a 150 µm pixel size. It provides an MTF of 72 % (1 cycle/mm) and high sharpness, and realizes excellent visualization, particularly for orthopedic images.

An entry-level model with rich specifications

As an entry-level model, this DR detector supports all the necessary functions. Includes excellent specifications, including the automatic exposure detection (AED) without needing a connection to an X-ray device, a water resistance rating of IPX1, an image storage function for console-less use in a hospital ward, and high throughput from the 10-second cycle time.

All-in-one system with ImagePilot

The software includes an all-in-one console, ImagePilot; to control the DR detector. In addition to the Mini-PACS function, ImagePilot provides a wide variety of functions, including measurements needed in the orthopedic field, a reporting function, and a BS process for suppressing bony structures in chest images. Therefore, it can be offered as a universal package for different types of establishments.

AeroDR NS 1417 Specifications: