AeroDR TX Digital mobile x-ray system

Dynamic digital radiography (DDR) to expand the the possibilities of mobile X-ray imaging. An innovative mobile X-ray system that can provide more information than conventional static images.

Wireless DDR in a mobile x-ray system

By transmitting a sequence of pulsed X-Rays and displaying a series of static images,Mobile DDR visualizes the motion of structures such as lungs and diaphragms, providing more information than conventional static images for bedside radiography in the ICU and other areas, without the need to move the patient.

Cabinet equipped with detector charging function

Cabinets are placed at the front and back of the main unit to hold a total of three detectors, enabling automatic power supply to the detectors by simply loading them. In the parking position, the arm serves as a locking mechanism to prevent theft (1417/1717 size).

Second Screen on Head-Assembly

A touch-panel second screen located in the Head- Assembly enables the user to check and change exposure conditions to achieve efficient workflow. The distance between the X-ray tube and subject can also be automatically measured and displayed.

Compact design with a width of 540 mm

With its compact size, this unit can be easily moved to any location, including ICUs, wards, and operating rooms.

A large 19-inch touch-panel monitor

A large 19-inch touch-panel monitor makes it easy to see exposed images and to use the touch screen. It also features at-a-glance battery level display and entry system using anumeric keypad or RFID card.

Four-stage telescopic arm

Touching the handgrip releases the electromagnetic brake, allowing the user to move the column and arm. The arm can be extended up to 1,220 mm and the column can be rotated up to 317° to cover a wide exposure area.

Motion support for fine positioning

The motion control switch at the top of the handle allows the user to move each wheel on its own, which assists movements for fine positioning.

AeroDR TX Specifications: